Perfection. We are not interested in anything else.


  • June 2011 Bracia Pietrzak Car Detailing 360 is founded

    The two brothers Robert and Mariusz Pietrzak decided to fulfill their "dream of success" and set up a company providing car detailing services that was just developing in Poland
  • December 2011 - present We are starting tests of ceramic coatings

    Constant pursuit of perfection means that we are starting to look for the "best" ceramic coating that we could apply in our car detailing studio
  • September 2016 We are changing the company's headquarters

    The company is growing and growing, which forces us to change our existing headquarters. We move to a large and modern studio located on ul. Pszczyńska in Gliwice.
  • January 2018

    After many years of testing, we finally decide to take a bold step. We manufacture the first batch of Delixirum coating in two versions (PLATINIUM AND GOLD) which we apply in our studio Bracia Pietrzak
  • January 2020

    We start selling ceramic coatings DELIRIUM PLATINUM and DELIRIUM GOLD. Coatings available only for car detailing studies.